Improving Performance of People and Business

Business Areas:

BUSINESS AREAS:OrgChart-300x225

  • Strategy, Innovation & Leadership
  • System & Process Optimization
  • IT Management Excellence
  • Change & Project Management


  • Advisor
  • Coach
  • Facilitator
  • Project Manager

It is our role to helping businesses, organizations and
individuals to raise the power of performance to a higher level.


How we do:

  • Dialogue, Analysis and Diagnose » AS-IS
  • Design, Create and Plan » TO-BE
  • Execute and following up » PROCESS


Based on AS-IS we advise on goals and future direction being able to plan effectively to reach the desirable TO-BE position. The desire for a change is the starting point for all processes, which leads to improvements.


The Foundation for improvement:

  • to ask and get feedback
  • to evaluate and set diagnostic
  • to plan objectives and execute
  • to control and adjust

We measure ourselves by the improvements that we through our work are able to create for our customers. If we cannot add value, we say nicely “thanks for coffee, maybe we will meet you later”


Our Approach & Methodologies are based on:

  • Prince2, IPMA
  • LEAN, BPR, SixSigma
  • 4MAT Learning & Anchoring Model
  • Leavitt’s Organizational Model
  • Kotter’s Change Model
  • Covey’s 7 Habits
  • Potters 5 Forces

» RELIABILITY for Improving Performance of People and Business «

We share a common passion and commitment to helping businesses, organizations and individuals raise the power of performance to a higher level.